February 4th, 2023.

Press release from Lewes Constituency Labour Party:

A British Iranian woman living in East Sussex has issued a desperate plea for more awareness about the thousands under arrest and in danger in Iran. She is calling for greater international pressure, including from the UK, to help save thousands of women, men and even children arrested and under threat in her home country.

“The death in custody of a young woman arrested because she was considered to be wearing her hijab incorrectly, which sparked widespread protests in my home country, has led to the deaths in the streets across Iran of hundreds of demonstrators. And members of the Iranian Parliament have been calling for protesters to be executed,” said Nasrin.*

Speaking to Lewes Constituency Labour Women, Nasrin explained that at least 18,000 protesters have been arrested and executions of young prisoners, just in their twenties, have started. “It’s profoundly sad – and what could still happen is terrifying,” she added.

Nasrin is calling for MPs, and others here in the UK, to express their concern: to urge the Iranian Government to avoid further bloodshed and release those who are imprisoned. “Iran wasn’t a safe place for many of us — but now the situation is unthinkable. It’s devastating for me and other British Iranians to hear what’s happening.”

Lewes Constituency Labour Party has endorsed Nasrin’s call for all possible diplomatic pressure to be put on the Iranian leadership, with some prisoners already being sponsored by well-known figures in Germany.

“It’s hard to imagine having to leave your homeland — then hearing from afar of the horrific and savage acts being perpetrated there, and on such a large scale,” said Denise Savage, Chair of Lewes Labour Women’s branch and a member of Lewes District Anti-Racism Alliance. Lewes Constituency Labour Party has endorsed the call made jointly by their Women’s Branch and the Lewes Labour BAME group.

“We are asking for an end to the attacks is on women’s rights in Iran and for the release of all protestors,” said Denise.

*Nasrin – not her real name – has been changed for security reasons.
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