March 27th, 2024.

In a significant decision, the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman has delivered a victory that could impact approximately 6,500 women in Lewes district born in the 1950s.

On March the  21st, the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman released its conclusive findings on the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)'s failure to effectively communicate the increase in state pension age to 1950s women.

The Ombudsman's recommendation includes a formal apology from the DWP to the affected women and compensation ranging between £1,000 and £2,950. Furthermore, the Ombudsman urges Parliament to take swift action based on these recommendations.

During the Commons session on March the 25th, Pensions Minister Mel Stride encountered overwhelming support for the Women Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI0 members from MPs across party lines, demanding immediate compensation. While Stride committed to reviewing the report, he refrained from providing a definitive timeline.

Janet Blackman, the Co-ordinator of Lewes WASPI, expressed appreciation for the suggested apology, though she found the compensation amount disappointing. Blackman highlighted that an All-Party Parliamentary Group recommended compensation at a higher scale, at least £10,000, which she deemed more realistic. Urgency is paramount, as a WASPI woman passes away every 13 minutes.

"The abrupt change in our pension age dealt a severe blow to thousands of local women, shattering retirement plans and inflicting injustice upon us. We demand swift resolution and compensation," emphasized Blackman.
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