February 8th, 2023.

The latest OFSTED inspection of the residential provision at St. John’s School in Seaford has concluded that it is ‘significantly improved’ since an inspection last year.

The service in Seaford House, Firle Road has been rated as ‘good’. Inspectors reported that: ‘...children’s day-to-day experiences are positive. They share close relationships with staff, and staff speak fondly of the children. One child has improved their communication and social skills by going on excursions in the local community. This has resulted in them meeting new people and making friends.’

The inspector also noted in the final report that not only did staff have an in-depth knowledge of children’s needs and behaviours but also that the children staying in Seaford House felt emotionally and physically safe, observing that staff understood the vulnerabilities of individual children and spoke highly of the training that they received at the school.

‘A really happy child’

Parents, spoken to as part of the inspection, were: ‘...unanimous in their praise of the care that their children receive.’ One parent said: ”The staff have given me an opportunity to be a parent again, and not a carer. I drop off a really happy child and pick up a really happy child each weekend.”

“We are delighted at the work the staff team have accomplished to help make our provision a better environment for our children and young people to live in, and we are pleased that this has been recognised by Ofsted,” said Headteacher Anthony Carlo. “Inspectors noted that we were ‘quick to respond to shortfalls identified at the last inspection’ and that this has resulted in a ‘meaningful change to children’s experiences.”
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