May 11th, 2023.

The Seahaven Academy local bus service is scheduled to end, and parents of students attending the school are expressing concern about their children's safety. Despite the current excellent bus service providing safe access to the school, it is deemed senseless to terminate it.

With new government regulations mandating schools to comply with updated hours, the county-funded bus service is coming to an end because an agreement to extend the service to meet the new hours cannot be reached.

The school has indicated that relocating the bus service would cost £100,000, and they would be required to fund the bus drivers' wages, despite children paying to use the service. The County Council has stated that they will not provide funding for the new service.

Cllr Sean Macleod, pictured), stated that the current state of the bus service is unacceptable, and a solution must be found. He explained: "Since the county council currently funds the operating bus service, it should be easy to reach a new agreement. The Council's actions appear to prioritize cost savings over the safety of children, and they have stated that students residing within three miles of the school do not require school transportation.

"It is time for the Conservative-led East Sussex County Council to take the safety of our children seriously."
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