November 3rd, 2022.

STC release:

Seaford Town Council is currently reviewing the strategic priorities for the town for the next five years and is inviting the community to come forward and input their views on what it would like the council to deliver for them over the next five years as part of the revised strategic plan.

The council is keen to identify the views of the local community and to understand what is important to them. The information gathered will then be used to prioritise and target future strategies that benefit the community.

The council’s strategic plan will set out what the council aims to achieve for the community between now and 2027. The council is keen to ensure the plan is informed, where possible, on the back of the priorities of the local community and what residents would like to see achieved for the town over the proposed period.

Seaford Town Council encourages residents to share this survey with as many friends and family as possible; the more people that complete the survey, the more the strategy will reflect the priorities of the community.

The findings will be discussed with councillors and council officers as part of deciding future priorities for the town centre. A similar survey will also go out to the younger residents of Seaford in due course to ensure the voice of Seaford youth is included in planning the town's strategic objectives.

The Town Clerk, Adam Chugg says “This is your opportunity to have a say on how the council can work to improve Seaford for us all. We hope people can take the time to share their views and help inform our plans for the town.”

The survey can be found on the Town Council website HERE. The survey is open to anyone of any age who resides in Seaford.

The survey will close on 31st January 2023.
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