January 2nd, 2024.

Lewes Green Party release:

Lewes Green Party claims that the FM Conway asphalt plant on North Quay Road in Newhaven has been belching out noxious odours and smoke in large amounts for over a year.

Members of local Newhaven community group Protect the Environment Newhaven (PEN) and Lewes District Green Party councillors have called on the local and national managers of FM Conway to meet with local residents to engage and explain why problems at the asphalt plant continue.

It is claimed that local and national managers of the FM Conway plant have failed to act and have not come to the community to explain why these problems continue to occur, including refusing to attend a public meeting.

Air pollution from asphalt plants may be linked to various types of cancer, respiratory disorders, and other health issues, and, unsurprisingly, local residents are reported to have been afflicted with headaches, nausea, and irritation in their eyes and throats.

Local resident Scarlett S said: “As a resident of seven years, I have observed the air quality in the last six months has notably declined.”

Green District Councillor Paul Keene said: “Local group Protect the Environment Newhaven (PEN) has formed and simply requests FM Conway managers come to the community and discuss why there are horrid smells and odours pouring out of
the asphalt plant. So far, they’ve refused. FM Conway needs to live up to its responsibilities to the community and to its stated commitments to clean air. The company claims that it wants to be an exemplary corporate neighbour, but putting profits before the environment and sacrificing the health of local residents on their bitumen bonfires of avarice is just not acceptable.”
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