May 22nd, 2023.

Seaford Lib Dems release:

Seaford Liberal Democrats have gained the most seats on Seaford town council, electing 13 councillors with every candidate who stood winning their seat.

This came as Liberal Democrats elected six district councillors in Seaford up from two, becoming the largest group in Seaford. The Liberal Democrats campaign in Seaford focussed on local sewage pollution, lack of support for the NHS locally and the scaffolding blight on Talland Parade in the town centre.

Olivia Honeyman has been elected for another year as mayor of the town voted for unanimously by all councillors. She is leading the new group with 11 new councillors elected for the Liberal Democrats. Sally Markwell, who is a nursing lecturer, has been elected as the deputy mayor.

Leader of the Lib Dem Group in Seaford, Olivia Honeyman said: “We stood 13 candidates in Seaford, and 13 Lib Dems were elected.

“We’re incredibly grateful for every vote people gave to us. We are now focussed on helping our town centre and seafront to thrive and working to clean up our town including the scaffolding.

“We will work cooperatively with fellow councillors from other parties, as our absolute priority is delivering for the people of Seaford."

Newly-elected Lib Dem, Cllr Sally Markwell, said: “Seaford is such a fantastic town, and has so many things going for it. I’m delighted to represent us, and will be working to make Seaford an even better place to live and visit.”
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