March 8th, 2024.

Newhaven Liberal Democrats have welcomed Lewes District Council and other agencies' commitment to establishing a working group to tackle the flooding issues experienced by residents on Denton Road. This collaborative effort will gather representatives from the council, the Environment Agency, and pertinent organizations to devise and execute a plan aimed at alleviating the area's flooding risks.

Having advocated for action on Denton Road's flooding problems for some time, Newhaven Liberal Democrats are pleased by the council's acknowledgment of the necessity for intervention. 

Councillor Sean Macleod of Newhaven North emphasizes the importance of transparency and inclusivity in the process. He insists that residents deserve a trustworthy and open procedure, with ward councillors staying informed and actively participating in the working groups. Transparent communication is deemed vital for rebuilding trust and resolving the long-standing flooding issues on Denton Road.

Councillor Corina Watts of Denton Ward extended appreciation to relevant agencies for their dedicated efforts during the recent flooding, acknowledging their response and assistance to affected residents. Gratitude is also expressed to Sainsbury's for their generous provision of food and coffee to emergency workers during the crisis.

Recognizing the significant disruption and distress caused by the flooding, Councillor Watts stresses the importance of collaborative action to find a sustainable solution. She expressed confidence in the working group established by Lewes District Council, anticipating thorough assessment and effective measures to mitigate future flooding risks.

Remaining steadfast in her commitment to community engagement, Councillor Watts assures Denton Road residents that their voices will be heard and their concerns addressed. Together with stakeholders, she believes in fostering a safer and more resilient community.
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