March 11th, 2024.

Councillors in Denton are calling on East Sussex County Council to implement a safe crossing on Avis Road near Drove Ponds.

Denton residents have long argued for a safe crossing on Avis Road, and with the bus stops now moving closer to Drove Ponds, they say it is time for ESCC to deliver a safe crossing and footpath.

Cllr Lindsey Macleod explains: "For too long, residents have run a gauntlet across the road. It shouldn't take for someone to be seriously injured or killed before the county council takes action. Residents are calling for change, and with the bus stop changes, now is the perfect time."

The residents have petitioned East Sussex County Council to install a safe crossing on Avis Road. They argue that a safe crossing is necessary for the safety of residents, particularly children and disabled individuals, due to the high number of near misses and accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles. The residents also point out that a previous petition signed by nearly 200 residents was submitted to the council in 2020, demonstrating the clear demand for a safe crossing at that location. They urge the council to take immediate action to prevent any serious injuries or fatalities from occurring.
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