March 7th, 2024.

James MacCleary, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Lewes constituency, has labelled the Chancellor’s budget announcement a “desperate deception”, with income tax bills still set to rise for local people.

James has said that local residents will see through this “deception” by the Chancellor and that people don’t want more “empty promises” from this Conservative government whilst “local health services are left on their knees”.

MacCleary, says: “This Budget will barely touch the sides for families and pensioners around here, who are facing soaring mortgage bills while the cost of the weekly shop goes through the roof.

“People around here know that their tax bills will remain sky high after this budget, and the Chancellor is attempting a desperate deception after years of income tax hikes.

“People don’t want more Conservative empty promises while our local health services are left on their knees. They want proper change through a General Election so we can kick this Conservative government out of office.

“It’s clear here in Lewes constituency at the next election will be between an out-of-touch Conservative minister or a Liberal Democrat local champion.”
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