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February 5th, 2020

A new studio in the centre of Newhaven is providing yoga classes that are accessible for everyone in the community with donation-based sessions. The Practice Space is a heated yoga studio on Newhaven Market Square.

“Yoga should be available for all to experience, but it’s often expensive and elitist,” said Daniel Martin, Founder of The Practice Space. “We’re offering pay-as-you-can classes every week day to make it easy and affordable for carers, stay-at-home parents and the unemployed to come along.”

Daniel hopes to build a self-sustaining space from which everyone in the Newhaven community can benefit. “Taking time out for a yoga class can be really valuable. If you can find strength and space in the body, it’s easier to do that in life,” he explained. “Yoga has changed my life for the better twice, and I’d like to extend a similar experience to others."

As well as donation-based classes every day from Monday to Friday, The Practice Space runs evening and weekend sessions, with a range of drop-in and membership options, including discounts for service personnel.

Before training as a yoga teacher, Daniel spent seven years training and touring as a contemporary dancer. He’s now been practising yoga for nearly 20 years. “My ambition is to build a self-sustainable yoga studio that people can consider their own. A haven where there’s always a warm atmosphere and a friendly face.”

In addition to regular Hatha classes led by Daniel, The Practice Space also offers Tai Chi and different styles of yoga from guest teachers. In the future, Daniel hopes to open the space up to men’s and women’s circles and healing music evenings. Kid classes are starting soon and also a mum and baby group.

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