July 14th, 2020.

Seaford Town Council has shared the presentations that would have taken place at this year’s postponed Town Forum.

Each year the Town Council facilitates an Annual Town Meeting.which is also known as the Town Forum. This is a public meeting, not a Town Council meeting, and is a chance for members of the public to ask questions and receive updates on the Council activities over the previous year.

The event usually includes presentations from charities and organisations that have received financial grants from the Council; giving an insight in to how the money has been spent and the benefit this has brought to the town.

The Mayor of Seaford will usually present the annual Mayor’s Awards, which are given to members of the community, or organisations that have worked hard for the benefit of the town, or have overcome great barriers. The prestigious Don Mabey Award is also presented; an award first bestowed in 2014 in memory of the late Don Mabey MBE and his services for Seaford. The Don Mabey Award is given to selected residents of the Seaford community for outstanding services to the town of Seaford.

Unfortunately, the Seaford Town Forum, originally scheduled for Tuesday the 5th of May was postponed due to the restrictions in place in support of the Government’s Covid-19 guidance. It is hoped that a Town Forum will be able to take place later in the year if guidance permits, but, in the meantime, the Town Council has put together a video which shares (virtually) the presentations which would have taken place at the Town Forum.

The video is available online via the Town Council’s You Tube channel HERE and other reports can also be found on the Town Council’s website HERE.

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