March 8th 2021.

Following a successful trial of wildflowers in The Crouch in Summer 2020, Seaford Town Council is this year trialling an extension of the wildflowers through The Crouch, Dane Road, and the War Memorial. The War Memorial will be adapted in its planting to include its bedding plants, perennials and wildflowers, which will give the area more colour throughout the year.

The changes in the wildflower and grass cutting will save the Town Council and Seaford residents over 10% in annual ground maintenance costs.

Cllr Dunn, Chair of the Town Council’s Community Services Committee, explained: “Wildlife Conservation is so important and has so many benefits, not just ecologically, but financially as well. With many animals and insect species being pushed to near extinction, we must act now, to encourage their return. We as a Town Council are committed to wildlife planting to support this for all to enjoy.” 
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