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June 14th, 2019.

In response to the recent youth related ASB in the Newhaven area, Prevention Officers from Lewes Police will be attending a public meeting this evening, Friday the 14th of June at 7.00pm at Newhaven Football Club in Court Farm Road.

Local Policing Inspector Ed Ripley explains: “I fully understand why the community feels upset and angry about this spate of crime, but be assured that police are focused on addressing this and are the right resource to do so.

“Police activity in the past nine months has led to the identification and arrest of a group of young people in the Newhaven area for violent offences, burglary and theft of motor vehicles. My team has relentlessly policed key areas and taken robust action against individuals. A total of 57 arrests have been made since September last year. Following a recent assault in Fort Road, eight youths were arrested and are currently on bail while the incident is being investigated.

“We are targeting individuals as well as problem areas, briefing and directing policing teams to help curb the issues in the area, and working in partnership with the local community, councillors and local authority. We urge the public to continue to act as our eyes and ears to help us with this.

“I urge people to attend the meeting tonight at Newhaven Football Club, where the community will come together to discuss what can be done to reduce youth related anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder in the area.

"Please come along and share your views around how we can work together to tackle this problem.”