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September 17th, 2018.

Jim Skinner reports:

The Friends of Tide Mills completed the September meeting yesterday, with 14 of us collected five bags of litter and other assorted bits and pieces, including one bag of recyclable material. Most rewarding for us is the reduced amount of litter we are now finding. As always we very much appreciate all visitors who take their litter home and those who pick up as they walk through this wonderful space.

Our Ringed Plover nesting signs were recovered last month. At least one pair managed to breed successfully, which is very good news given the amount of disturbance these little birds have to contend with.

We understand that Newhaven Port Properties is imminently going to start expanding the Port security fence around the area of the reptile fencing to the south of the existing fence. This as part of Port Expansion Phase 1.

Visitors may also see activity in the area of the newly-designated nature conservation area to the east of the existing security fence. This is part of the mitigation for loss of the newly expanded port area.

We also understand that the controversial Port Access road and bridge now has recently gained £10m of government funding to presumably allow this massive incursion into Tide Mills to commence - Very sad, unnecessary (in our opinion) and directly threatening Tide Mills with even more development....

Our next meeting is the third Sunday of October - the 21st. As always, all new volunteers will be made most welcome, no matter how often and the amount of time that can be spared.

More information from me at or the Friends of Tide Mills website HERE.