August 6th, 2019.

The two-week Newhaven Festival returns from the17th of August, presenting a range of free and ticketed events to suit all tastes and ages. 

Some popular events are returning, including Bird Bath, where Newhaven birdsong is played in Surround Sound in St Michaels Church, ‘Chalk up the Town’, a time when the inner artist can get creative on the High Street pavements, ‘Salon 69’ evening of stories and food, and the music-filled Festival of Belonging Day on August Bank Holiday.

The activites include singing and performance workshops, and an environmental awareness event which features a giant whale and a fashion show using up-cycled clothes.

Newhaven Festival is joining forces with other organisations to provide bespoke opportunities at discounted rates; The Charleston Farmhouse Edgelands Walk is an all-day walk over the Downs, ending with tea, cake and access to the gardens and galleries at Charleston. Free bus transport is included, and tickets are £20 for outsiders, £10 for BN9 residents.

Glyndebourne is presenting a Make Your Own Opera workshop at Newhaven’s Hillcrest Centre, where 9 to19 year olds can learn about group singing, instrumental performance, acting and design from three performing artists.

The full schedule can be viewed at

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