October 12th, 2020.

A Newhaven seamstress has teamed up with a local investor to launch a range of washable period pads at a time when covid has been making it difficult for consumers to cut down on single-use plastic.

June Bradbury, the founder of start-up brand Ethixx, says that a woman using washable pads will prevent more than 300 disposables being thrown away every year. It represents an important contributor to protecting the environment with concerns that because of covid shoppers are moving back to plastic, buying wrapped food protected from the virus and using disposable face masks.

“The battle against single-use plastic has been losing ground with Covid, as consumers view this material as a protector against the virus,” says June. "But with washable menstrual pads we can reduce pollution without compromising health,” she adds.

“The number of single-use menstrual products that we dispose of without a second thought is astronomical, estimated at 4.3 billion each year in the UK alone,” says June, whose re-usable pads are made from organic cotton, hemp and bamboo fleece.

“Add to that the agrochemicals that are used to grow the fibres, the toxic substances that are used to bleach the stuffing and the plastics that make up 90% of each disposable pad, it is deeply distressing,” she adds.

“Our driving force has been to tackle these environmental issues and fill the gap in the market for a high quality period product for eco-conscious women that offers a viable alternative to disposables without the compromise."

June, a mother of four grown-up children, was originally approached by a customer to design re-usable pads for her 11-year-old daughter. And it was feedback from that original prototype - on how comfortable and reliable the pads were - which drove her forward.

“I made hundreds of pads and handed them out to women in my network, including my two daughters, to give me honest feedback. I knew I was onto something when those who were reluctant to try them changed their minds once they had,” says June.

After two years of development June finalised the design which features a unique dipped well in the centre, to disperse liquid away from the skin and to avoid the uncomfortable bulky filler found in other products.

It was then that she sought investment from her business partner, Peacehaven-based product designer Martyn Beaumont, to upscale production of the pads, which are available in light/medium, heavy and night absorbencies, as well as a travel pouch to carry them in.

The pair have ambitious plans to continue innovating in the sector with gift-packs, a smaller format for teenagers, an everyday liner and inspiring quotes printed on the pads from feminist icons. “It is quite apparent that the world is moving towards more sustainable options and we plan to be at the forefront of this,” says June.

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Pictured above: Ethixx founder June Bradbury and investor Martyn Beaumont. Photograph by Julia Claxton.
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