February 8th, 2021.


I’m a Newhaven resident and was out for my daily walk in my local area this afternoon, (Sunday 7th), in the beautiful flurry of snow that we had today.

I came across a gorilla art piece at the top of the Fairway next to the new estate being built. 

Could this be a new Banksy?

It’s stencil piece of a small girl and bulldozer with text above it that reads: “Green fields are gone forever. These homes are not affordable.”

It highlights what I consider to be the most important issue facing Newhaven and Sussex in general at this time.

There have already been a swathe of new houses built in the area over the last few years as well as plans to create more. And whilst I understand the need for affordable housing, at what cost?

These plans seem not to bear in mind the already over congested roads, lack of infrastructure in the town and the rapidly shrinking green land around Newhaven.

I think this past year especially has illustrated just how much we local residents need these precious areas of greenland around us. During lockdown areas like the Newhaven cliffs up by Harbour Heights have been a haven for people like myself to get out of the house and spend a bit of time in Nature without having to travel out of town.

Not only beneficial for the mental health of local residents, these small areas of Greenland are vitally important to local wildlife providing their last fragment of natural habitat especially along the cliff areas.

Maybe it’s time to take some action, get talking to the local council and do what we can before it’s too late…


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