October 30th, 2021.

LDC release:

The regeneration of Newhaven has been given a massive boost with the announcement of £12.68 million from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund.

Lewes District Council successfully bid for the money which will help re-establish the town as a maritime centre of excellence and ensure Newhaven’s fishing industry receives the immediate support it needs.

The council’s scheme ‘Capturing the Value of the Catch’ will:

- Provide two new fish landing stages to accommodate 16 small vessels from the Newhaven fishing fleet

- Build a new Centre of Excellence for seafood processing in the town including an auction room and marketplace

- Create a new restaurant and community destination on the promenade area by West Beach to retain spending in Newhaven for longer and stimulate a local market for fish

Councillor James MacCleary, (pictured), Cabinet member for Regeneration and Prosperity, and local councillor for Newhaven, said: “I am delighted that our town is finally getting some of the funding it needs after years of neglect. Our local fishing fleet here in the town is a key part of our community and has been let down too often. The British fishing industry is on its knees with fishing boats going out of business around the country. That is why the council has worked with partners to prioritise Newhaven fishing.

“As a local resident I can’t wait to see our waterfront revitalised and further investment building on the work we’ve been doing with the port to bring the promenade area behind the West Beach back to life.

“My thanks to everyone involved in putting this fantastic bid together, creating yet another exciting project for Newhaven and more investment in the town following our Town Deal and Future High Streets successes. With their different focuses, these three schemes will integrate perfectly and bring huge benefits for people living and working in Newhaven, as well as visitors.”
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