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March 17th, 2020.

Jim Skinner reports:

In reasonable weather 15 of our members collected eight bags of rubbish and various other bulkier items this time around. This was our first outing since January, the February meeting being unusually for us cancelled due to the weather conditions. Hopefully from now on we will be free of such constraints.

We also belatedly installed the Ringed Plover nesting signs for this coming breeding season, which although a month late still indicates that spring, technically speaking at least, has now arrived! As always we do politely request that the area within the signs is reduced in disturbance to give these little birds every chance of successful breeding this year.

All in all Tide Mills, with the unfortunate exception of the Port Access Road construction site, remains in good shape for the coming summer.

Our next meeting is Sunday the 19th of April - always the third Sunday of the month. Please do consider coming along to help us in our efforts to keep Tide Mills cared for. You will be most welcome.

More information from me at or at the Friends of Tide Mills website HERE.