March 3rd, 2021.

Liberal Democrats release:

Local Liberal Democrats are calling for more support for our local fishing industry as the combined impact of Covid-19 and Brexit continues to drive businesses to the brink of bankruptcy.

There have been protests in London over the government's Brexit deal that has not delivered any of the benefits to the fishing industry that were promised. Increased bureaucracy due to Brexit has led to severe delays for UK fishing fleets and led to massive losses in income, driving many to the edge of bankruptcy.

James MacCleary, who is the local parliamentary spokesperson for the Lib Dems and lives in Newhaven, says: "Big promises were made to our fishing communities across the UK, including ours here in Newhaven. It's already clear that they have been betrayed by the government.

"Hopefully, negotiations will continue and the government will be able to move past political point scoring and get a better deal with the EU for our fishing communities.

"In the meantime, we need to get behind our local fishing industry in Newhaven and buy local. More people buying local fish will help, but ultimately the only thing that's really going to boost our fishing industry is a grown up discussion with the EU that deals in realities, not more Boris Johnson fantasies."
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