March 4th, 2021.

Newhaven Liberal Democrats release:

Newhaven's ring road (A259) is in desperate need of repairs that have been promised for years. The road was patched up last summer but is once again in desperate need of repair.

A full resurfacing has been long-promised by the MP, Maria Caulfield, who told residents back in 2018 that there would be resurfacing and other work taking place. Three years later the only significant work that has taken place was temporary patching after pressure from local Lib Dem councillor, James MacCleary, (pictured), and others last year.

Now the Lib Dems have launched a petition in the hope of getting immediate action. The petition can be accessed at www.change.org/fixourringroad

"These continued ring road repair delays are dangerous," says local resident and councillor, James MacCleary. "It's so frustrating to be having to press for something that we were promised would happen years ago. I've been given various reasons for the delays including lack of funds, problems related to Covid-19 and, most recently, concern about causing disruption for the port on top of that already being experienced because of Brexit.

"Frankly, it's hard to escape from the fact that a Tory-run council and a Tory MP seem to have put Newhaven to the back of the queue once again. They had no problem blowing £23 million on a Road to Nowhere, but this seems to be beyond them. That's why I am speaking out again now and have launched a petition to apply even more pressure and get them to fix our ring road."

Newhaven's Lib Dem county councillor, Darren Grover, adds: "Once again I'm being told that the resurfacing will be happening within weeks, but we've been here so many times before.

"We've been campaigning on road safety across Newhaven and it's hard to believe that a road as important as the A259 would be neglected like this.

"I hope that everyone will sign this petition to show the County Council and Maria Caulfield that we have had enough of their excuses and delays. If they won't do it then I know there are plenty of people in the town who'll go down there and sort it out for them!"
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